The Party Rock Barcrawl will rock your Saturday nights! It’s accessible for everyone, so it’s not only the biggest but also the only international Barcrawl in Faliraki. It starts every Saturday at 22:00 from one of the well known bars in Barstreet. There you can grab and customize your free T-Shirt, our team is of course always happy to help. You also have to make up your mind about our fun and flirty traffic light stickers- choose wisely! If the stickers aren’t enough to break the ice with your fellow crawlers, our Party Games certainly will, especially in combination with our great discounted drink specials you get in every bar we visit. As all good things have to come to an end, the Party Rock Barcrawl terminates at DC Nightclub, Faliraki’s best night club, where you have free entry. The upside: you yourself decide when the night really ends, as you can keep partying till sunrise! Be part of this fun and special event- even if your memories might be a bit blurred afterwards you’ll still have a cool T-shirt as a souvenir of that great night!





Party Rock Barcrawl Deposit (10€ pp to be paid in Faliraki)

The Boat Party & Barcrawl Deposit (30€ pp to be paid in Faliraki)